Trainee memories

Marta Jagusztyn - Poland     

Hungary is like paprika! Tasty, sometimes spicy and always beautiful (not that much red, though). If you think of Hungarian flag as the paprika family – you have the red one, which states for the energetic, joyful, generous people. Then there is white (paprika may be yellow, the mild one), which states for the peace of nature and beauty of architecture. And you’ve got green – the spicy, the strong one. Like Hungarian food. You don’t have to mix it, you shouldn’t separate them. Because Hungary is one big cooperation of all of these wonderful features – amazing people, breathtaking sights and delicious (though spicy!) food. It was crazy, what I met here and whom I met here. Outstanding people, unforgettable moments. IAESTE Budapest Weekend, when I had a chance to meet 200 people from all over the world. All the other weekends, when I could enjoy the beauty of the country. Calm night walks to the Gellert hill and crazy parties till the morning. The experience of living in other country, within different culture is amazing itself. If you’re lucky enough to travel to place like Hungary, so colourful and astonishing – wow, could you ever wish for more? 



Tomek Szlapa - Poland     

The time i spent in Budapest was great experience for me. During my traineeship I was dealing with maintaining track and analysing data from measurement. I had to spent few days in delegation but it was very valuable experience. The Budapest local committee was very helpful, we had many great events. One I remember the most is Budapest weekend, the party is comparable to project X (must-visit next year).




Vishal Jain - India

I spent a great summer, from June to August in 2013, living and working in the beautiful city of Budapest. The internship duration was beyond my expectations both in terms of the quality of the work placement (at Hungarian State Railway) and vibrant multi-cultural events and activities. It provided me the chance to get valuable work experience along with the opportunity to explore Hungary which is a country full of cultural and historic essence. My work with the state railway organization gave me the chance to learn more about the growing field of transportation engineering through my everyday work in advanced techniques and methods of railway operations. While the social functions and outings, organized by IAESTE Hungary, brought me in contact with the local traditions and cultures. They served as a great way of bonding with each other and everyone on the program. The local committee members were supportive and I made some of the best of friends there. We laughed, danced and partied; went hiking, on excursions and trips all over the country; prepared for cultural nights where we introduced our peers to our national food, music, dance, films etc.; visited famous restaurants, local festivals, art museums, cathedrals, the opera and so many other places around the city. During those two months, I ended up with a great technical training, while my making friends with people from all over the world and learning so much about them. On the whole, my internship in Hungary was a precious experience and will be a lifelong memory. 


Cao Zhe - China

Thanks a lot for the best memories in summer! To be frank, I got my knowledge about Hungary mostly through the story shared by the last Chinese trainee before visiting it. The friendliness and good nature of local people as well as IAESTE helpers left me a deep impression, whether in the story or through my own experience. There were attractive programs every week and we really enjoyed them. Occasionally, there was a time conflict between two programs so it was hard to make a choice... The job was different from what I supposed but it turned out quite interesting. It was also lucky to own the flexibility in working schedule and easygoing employer as well as colleagues. As for the funny(and embarrasing) stories, most of them happend in the beginning, including awkwardness with knife and fork, unawareness of tipping and confusion about tickets checking. One of my favourite would be the story about an elevator in the office building. It was the first time I took it alone. I pressed the button and just started waiting the door open automatically. Well, then it had been several minutes before I noticed the handle on the door ;)


Panagiotis Lagou - Cyprus

My name is Panagiotis Lagou and I am a lead volunteer member at IAESTE Cyprus. The summer 2013 I had the luckiness to participate at IAESTE Hungary. Through IAESTE Hungary I had the opportunity to work as a trainee at a local medium size company called “Hidropress Kft”, which is located in Budapest, for a period of 8 weeks. As a mechanical engineer, my training there was based on the mechanical design sector. Through my technical training, I obtained a basic technical experience, the appropriate skills and abilities useful for my future professional career in the industrial world. Apart from the technical experience, IAESTE Hungary offered me the best days of my life. During my staying in Budapest, the capital city of Hungary, I saw my life changing to the best. First of all, Budapest is may the most beautiful city that I had the chance to live or visit since I was born. It is not random the fact that I consider Budapest as my second home. During my staying there, I have made a lot of great friendships with great people from every corner of earth. All together we had a lot of fun and wonderful moments. Every weekend we were taking place to organized trips and many exciting activities organized by us or by IAESTE Hungary. Furthermore, we had the chance to know and meet the wonderful Hungarian culture, custom and traditions and to learn some important phrases or words of Hungarian language such as: Szia (Hi), Egészségédre (Cheers), köszönöm (Thank you), Szívesen (You‘re welcome) etc. In addition, we had the chance to taste the amazing Hungarian and other international cuisines.

Some of my best and unforgettable moments in Hungary

May the best moment of me was when I won the tournament at Visegrad castle. Many trainees and members of IAESTE Hungary took place in this tournament, having a lot of fun. Also, for the first time of my life I had the chance to explore underground caves under the city of Budapest. I had very fascinating moments down there.  As I mentioned before, Budapest it’s an enchanting city, with a lot of historical landmarks and amazing views. Danube river, the second longest river in Europe, cross Budapest separating the city into two sides: Buda and Pest side. Each side has its own unique beauty. Very often I was going for sightseeing in Budapest, which has too many sights and places worthy to be visited, fascinating bridges crossing the river and wonderful buildings with a unique architecture.  Concluding, I would like to express my biggest THANK YOU to IAESTE Hungary committee and to all members and volunteers of it. All the Hungarian people working for IAESTE Hungary were too helpful and friendly, full of energy, very organised and very willing to serve our needs. From the first day, when I landed to Budapest, even at the airport, I had somebody next to me in order to help me settling in the city. As a member of IAESTE Cyprus, I strongly understand the sacrifices and efforts of each member in order to do better what they love: to make us feel like our home. Thank you again and see you soon again in my second home, Budapest.


Ahmad Taan - Jordan

The best thing that ever happened to me in my life was to be an intern in Budapest, Hungary. From all aspects I could ever imagine that it would be so great as it was. IAESTE-Hungary brought to me a magnificent opportunity to be a trainee in Knorr-Bremse world-wide company. I never thought of working in an R&D department for developing braking systems for commercial truck brands such as Volvo, DAF… etc. That was just the first brilliant thing I faced in my longest year in my life. Even though I was totally a stranger to that place and the whole atmosphere all around, everything was made simple with the help of the IAESTE members. From the moment I reached the airport till I got to know everything and fulfill my needs myself. Luca, Niki, Mate, Adam, Pal, Lorinc … and all the others were very helpful and friendly. They organized numerous activities during the summer which made the days pass fast. If I wanna talk about Budapest and its beauty I will never finish. So you’d better go and check just few pictures at google. You’ll be amazed! I was totally exhausted at the first day after around 10 hours of travel from Jordan to Hungary. However, Luca was so energetic that day and wanted to show me the city! Indeed I was barely able to walk but at least I could imagine how exciting the coming days would be (NO ONE TELL LUCA ABOUT THIS BTW :P). I encourage everyone who is willing to get an internship abroad to head toward Budapest. Believe me no place is better. Everyone who has ever been there must go for at least once if they were able to.  Small Hint: If you wanna know whether you became an expert in Budapest or not, first of all you should be able to pronounce Harminckettesek tere easily! Second, you should have been to Elizabeth Lookout J.